Group Health Insurance

As a Business Owner you know the two more important things to any successful project are knowledge and support.

With over 25 years experience working with small business owners and their staff our Group Benefits Agents will provide you with the market knowledge and regulatory updates to help maximize your benefits budget and keep you in compliance with State and Federal agencies. By understanding how regulatory changes in the Health Care market can and will affect Carrier premiums and coverage levels we will tract pending changes, and make suggestions that will allow you to anticipate and react to changes that may affect your future cost and benefits.

Working with top Carriers in the Industry such as Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, United Health, Kaiser and Health Net.  Our comprehensive proposal system will provides multiple plan and carriers options along with other benefits types such as Dental, Vision and Life coverage.  Making it simple for you choose various option s to offer your employees.

Many small business Owners are unaware of the recent regulatory changes in the Affordable Care Act that provide small business with Tax Subsides that can help pay for up to 50% of Health insurance costs for their employees. As Certified SHOP Exchange Agents in the State California our agents can help deterermine eligibility and help you enroll.

Our Agents will also work directly with your employees, making sure they understand their Benefits coverage, how to seek care and how to anticipate and reduce out of pocket expense.  Our Agents will also work directly with your staff on billing issues, claims, new employee’s hires and terminations, freeing management of the time consuming task of plan administration.