The GOP’s Obama Care replacement, a swing and a miss, strike one!

baseball-1487699_640 With the MLB season just starting I couldn’t resist.

Last month after 7 years of attempted ACA replacement the GOP put forth their replacement bill and failed to reach consensuses in the house to pass the bill.


Disappointing, yes surprising no.

Instead of open and transparent debate the Republican House leadership decided to craft an ACA replacement bill behind closed doors much like the Affordable Care Act the bill it was intended to replace.

Conservative factions in the GOP unhappy with portions of the bill and the lack of plans that would reduce insurance premiums immediately pulled their support.

Democrats still unable to recognize the failures of the ACA also voted “no” along party lines.

Moving Forward:

The GOP bill, The American Healthcare Act missed the mark in addressing ways to lower premiums.  The bill was a 3 phase bill with the final phase addressing the increasing cost of plan premiums, something many of the GOP Congressional Representatives were not willing to wait on.

Just before the Easter recess the Republican Leadership almost brought forth a revised bill but decided to wait until congress reconvenes on April 21st.

It’s A Good Thing:

While something needs to be done to fix the mess the ACA has created in the health insurance market the American Healthcare Act really wasn’t the answer.

The Bill missed the mark in several substantial ways.  No true answer was given to reduce the Medicaid expansion and move more consumers back to the private insurance markets at affordable cost.

The American Healthcare Act also failed to address the need for stable State run High Risk Pools that would truly reduce premiums for the majority of consumers.

Replacing the Individual Mandate that forces most Americans to purchase or obtain some form of Health Insurance coverage with a one year increased premium of 30% will do little to keep some people from “gaming the system” and waiting until they are sick to buy insurance. A 12 month, 30% penalty will need to be increased or made permanent for those that chose to go without coverage.

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