The CBO reports on the ACA repeal bill using flawed data.

In the next few weeks the Senate will start the process of reviewing the Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care ACT known as the American Health Care Act. In May 24th, the Congressional Budget Office released their report on the AHCA, the Republican bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and it […]

Auto Insurance, Understanding your coverage.


If you drive you need auto insurance coverage and if you have auto insurance once every six month or one year you receive a copy of your insurance policy. The first few pages of that policy are what is known as your Declarations page.  The declarations page describes what is covered in the policy and […]

The GOP’s Obama Care replacement, a swing and a miss, strike one!


 With the MLB season just starting I couldn’t resist. Last month after 7 years of attempted ACA replacement the GOP put forth their replacement bill and failed to reach consensuses in the house to pass the bill.   Disappointing, yes surprising no. Instead of open and transparent debate the Republican House leadership decided to craft […]

The Long-Term Care Conundrum

Long term care concept.

Recently I’ve been inundated with questions regarding Long Term Care (LTC) coverage and as many of you know I’m not the biggest fan of standalone Long Term Care policies. What is Long Term Care coverage? Long Term Care or LTC policies are insurance plans that will pay for nursing homes or in-home help for people […]


RIP ACA Love it or hate it the ACA (Affordable Care Act) also known as Obama Care is on its last leg and a very unsteady leg at that. Plagued with large premium increase, lower than expected enrollments and just flat out bad plans the new administration is leading the charge to “repeal and replace” […]

Medicare 101, what everybody should know, Part 2

In our last post, we reviewed what Medicare is, who is eligible, what the costs for Medicare Part B are, and what benefits are provided with Part A and B. While Original Medicare provides good benefits, there are substantial costs Medicare beneficiaries face.  The Part A deductible and per day co-payments, Medicare Part B’s 20% […]

Medicare 101, what everybody should know, Part 1


With Medicare Open Enrollment starting on October 15th now is a good time to go over the basics of Medicare. It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 65 understanding what Medicare is and how it works is important for every American. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or […]

What happens if my car is declared a total loss after an accident?

My Car is a total loss, now what? For most of us a car accident is something we’ll be unable to avoid at some point while on the road. Even low impact accidents can result in extensive damage to your vehicle. What happens when you get the unfortunate news that your vehicle has been declared […]

2017 Individual Health Plan Rates, Onward and Upward.

ACA 2017

This year’s Individual Medical Insurance open enrollment which includes Covered Ca and the Federal Health Insurance Exchange will begin November 1st and is scheduled to end January 31st 2017.  Starting November 1st consumers will be able to enroll in new medical plans, renew their existing coverage or make changes to their plan’s benefits.   These changes […]

Our New Website Is Up And Running!

Poyer Insurance Home Page

Our new website is up and running! (click image to enlarge) At this very moment our new website, is live and ready to use. Excuse my excitement but after 2 years and several delays our site is live and ready to make our clients Insurance experience just a little easier. Our new website is accessible […]